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On Valentine's day, I find no better time to start my fundraising for my upcoming birthday on 6/6 to follow the theme "Make My Birthday Matter". As some of you may know, few years ago, I wanted to make an impact on my birthday and initiate a fundraiser instead of receiving gifts. Access to clean water and clean life became accessible to most areas in need, and this was life-saving for many infants and families. It definitely would not have been possible without all the generosity of everyone who joined! THANK YOU AGAIN!
For 2020, I'm dedicating the cause for nature and wild animals rescue.

At the beginning, I thought of the koalas in Australia and all the help they need to save their lives and recover from the fires. With some research, I understood that there have been "more than needed" support that it actually gets overwhelming to receive all the donations and support from multiple sources especially Canada! So I'm glad there's already amazing support provided to Australia. Thinking locally, I found no better place to give back to: the Wild Animal Rehabilitation Centre ( Wild ARC) in Metchosin, British Columbia, Canada. Wild ARC opens 365 days a year to help sick, injured, and orphaned wild animals. Wild ARC is the only wildlife rehabilitation centre on southern Vancouver Island. They treated 2,869 animals last year from all over the region, helping them recover and return to the wild.

The goal of rehabilitation is to release recovered animals back into the wild. Human activity affects over 80 percent of the animals treated at Wild ARC. The aim is to reduce this impact, and educate the public about wildlife, animal welfare and co-exist with nature.

More information about Wild ARC can be found here https://spca.bc.ca/programs-services/wildlife-rehabilitation/about-wild-arc/

It would mean so much to me, the animals, the community and nature to join my birthday fundraising! Every donation made towards this cause goes 100% to Wild ARC.

Thank you again, please share this with anyone who may be interested to support nature and please let me know if you have any questions!

Yours sincerely,
Nour Bahgat (aka Nour from Nature)