Rupert Memorial fund: helping those in need

Held by Sara Middleton
$3929 Raised

Fundraiser Donors

  1. Rupert's Biggest Fan
  2. Gus and Gwendolyn
  3. Anonymous
  4. Auntie and Uncle Tansss
  5. Ruperts GF Roxy
  6. Rups BFF aka Brando (and Quinn)
  7. Anonymous
  8. Frankie & Sadie & Mulligan & Pazuzu and all the other dogs world friends!
  9. Roxanne Francis
  10. Danielle
  11. Sara & Louis
  12. David & Mulligan
  13. sam buckley
  14. Bianca Marini
  15. Chris & Chantel Shulgan
  16. Titus and Casey
  17. Krista & Bree
  18. Dalia
  19. Sara Middleton
  20. Anonymous
  21. Aunt Sara

My Fundraiser

Dear friends,

This fundraiser is in memorial of Rupert Allan, an American bulldog that was the definition of love and friendship.
Kate Kulcheski was the proud owner of Rupert. He was an important family member, a goofball, and most importantly, my sister's anchor.
He passed unexpectedly, making our loss even more tragic.
But we want Rupert to be remembered for the amazing, funny, silly, full of personality bulldog that he was. His Instagram is and we will always remember him for being the most loving, gentle soul.
This fundraiser is the best way to memorialize him, as my sister’s passion for animal charities and helping others is one of many amazing characteristics that made her the best dog mom ever.

Please help us memorialize Rupert by caring for animals who deserve a second chance and a life free from cruelty.

To donate, please click on the 'Donate' button or call 1-800-665-1868 and mention my Champion for Animals page.

On behalf of Rupert , thank you so much for your support!