Only for animals would I (attempt) to run a 10K...

Held by Dawn Varley
$350 Raised


BC SPCA- Vancouver Sun Run 2019
$12602 Raised
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Fundraiser Donors

  1. Dawn Varley
  2. Maria and Al
  3. Mr James Byrne
  4. Iris Luppa
  5. Su
  6. DV top up to $350!
  7. Shalan
  8. Matthew Woolliscroft
  9. Maria
  10. Christine
  11. S R Brown

My Fundraiser

**Update - I did it! 1 hour and 10 mins, which I'm happy enough with. Especially as the last 1km involved a mad freak hailstorm whilst going over the Cambie Bridge. Thanks to all who sponsored me, or rather donated to help the animals of BC x**

Believe it or not I'm signed up to run a 10k race. The 'Sun Run' in beautiful Vancouver, Canada. I'll be over in April when it's on, and my bessie Shalan is running it - so I thought why not? I'm not a natural runner. I've only run 5k once. To be honest I normally avoid running if I can. But if anything can make me achieve this it's the magic combo of animals, a good cause, a good mate, and a great place. And if you can help sponsor me to reach my stretch target of $350 (c£200) that would help not just me, but animals that the good folks of BC's SPCA (British Columbia's non-royal version of the RSPCA) work hard to help. As a start, I've sponsored myself $50, so only $250 to go before the big day on April 14th. (UK folks $20 = c£12; $50 = £30)

The BC SPCA help animals like Moose (of course the dog is called Moose!)...

'Moose was a senior dog found scared and alone as a stray, under weight and neglected outside during the brutally cold winter in Fort St John. Through donations from caring supporters like you, he was helped immediately with medical treatment for a painful spinal injury and had essential dental extractions to renew his health. In a few weeks time, Moose showed signs of great improvement and started to feel much better, gaining weight and forming friendships with volunteers and other dogs. He is now forever cared for by his adopted family in a new warm and loving home, never to be neglected again.'

Please consider donating to my fundraiser to give a second chance to animals like Moose who cannot speak for themselves. Your donation will help support the work to rescue more than 27,000 animals this year. And get me around the 10k course!!


P.S. Yes the photo is me in my Battersea garb, but it's the most relevant I have! Money goes to BC SPCA, not Battersea (they get enough time and money from me already!).