Freezing for Fluffy Friends

Team Captain: Lauren Thorpe
$14133 Raised

Team Donations

  1. The Giustra Foundation
  2. Hamed s
  3. Anonymous
  4. Matt Clark
  5. Michael D Bradley
  6. Peter Gibson on behalf of Max
  7. Zaccheri Gray for Enzo.
  8. Fang
  9. Leslie & David Carr
  10. Teddy Kim
  11. Leslie and Dave Carr
  12. Cary Pinkowski
  13. Kris Pope on Behalf of JBM
  14. Abhi
  15. Scott Wilson
  16. Ali Sinawi
  17. Jim Bosa
  18. M Ingoldsby on behalf of JBM
  19. John Steele
  20. The Bockings

Team Fundraiser

Hi Guys!

As an initiative to help my friends and I raise $10,000 for the local SPCA, on December 31st at 12pm, our Swim Team (names listed below) will be strapping on our bikinis and running into the bitingly cold waters of English Bay! Not only will this be brave and noble, but also entertaining!

How Can You Watch?

Stay home and keep warm! With the pandemic well in mind, our team will be Live Streaming this chilly adventure to our Instagram account (tags below) so you can watch it all go down from the comfort of your very own home - we're sure it will be worth the watch! 

**if you help us reach our goal of $10,000 we'll go topless**

Why Are We Doing This?

Starved, beaten and exploited... and yet capable of so much love. The BC SPCA offers a number of services including rescuing abused animals and providing them with temporary shelter. The BC SPCA is not government funded and relies 100% on donations from its community. Right now, the Vancouver SPCA desperately needs money to repair the shelter roof, and buy a new washing machine and dryer. With your contribution, we hope we can help make these improvements possible.

Every donation, big or small, can make a difference to the lives of these vulnerable souls cared for at the SPCA shelter. We believe that together we, and other animal lovers like you, can free animals from anguish and misery!

Thank you!!

We Thank you for supporting our cause and kindly request that you please forward this email onto your network. Every little bit helps :)

Meet the Swim Team!!

Lalo - @lalo.lauren

Jenny Beth - @msjennybeth

Carly - @carljrz

Emily - @emilyguedes

Leslie - @shewearsdenim

Lindsey - @linseygirl

Questions? Please Contact:

Lauren Thorpe


t: 604-773-4448